About Ron Capodanno, the Promotor for the Mid-Atlantic Classic

Born in 1950 Ron’s role models were famous boxers and old-time bodybuilders so he started training in his basement and using a speed bag. Ron opened his first gym in the basement of the church he attended in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1980. In 1982 he opened the first Gold’s gym on the East Coast. From there he started his career as a promoter, promoting the NPC Golds Classic Championship from 1983 to 1992.

  • 1983-1992 Ron promoted the NPC Golds Classic Championship.
  • In 1985, Ron went on to became an NPC judge.
  • In 1990 he became promoter of the NPC Junior USA.
  • In 1991 Ron became a promoter of the NPC Junior nationals
  • In 1992 he changed the gym name to be known as The Muscle Mill and began promoting the NPC Mid Atlantic Classic Championships that same year till this day.


Certified powerlifting Judge and Trainer too many competitors and athletes throughout the years.

Ron Capodanno’s Muscle Mill was one of the best known old school, hard core muscle gyms on the East Coast. There are so many champions that have come through Ron Capodanno’s doors and worked for him including IFBB Stars:

  • Mr. Olympia Lee Haney
  • Tom Platz
  • Claire Furr
  • Rich Gaspari
  • Phil Hill
  • Guy Ducasse

Numerous NPC State and National Champions and superstars from the pro wrestling and powerlifting world including:

  • Hercules Hernandez
  • Ivan Putski
  • Don Marrocco
  • Greg The Hammer Valentine
  •  Gerard Dente, Multi-titled NPC Champion & owner of MHP
  • Ricky Harris, NPC Eastern USA Overall

Ron Capodanno is a beloved figure and icon in NPC East Coast history, with over 37 years of mentoring and motivating NPC/IFBB Champions and promoting NPC National & State level competitions.

Ron’s proven track record and running first class events to put the athletes first can be seen in his commitment to running the NPC Mid Atlantic Classic for 25 years.